Marieta's Retirement Ramblings

Operation WCGS Newsletters


From May 1998 to May 2006 I was the newsletter editor for the Warren County Genealogical Society (WCGS). During that time I made an effort to collect as many of the society’s old newsletters as I could find. I made photocopies, as needed, so there was a complete set in the genealogy section at the Indianola Public Library and in the library of the Warren County Historical Society, as well as I kept a complete set, current up to that time.

Recently, WCGS has started its own website at and I offered to scan all of these newsletters and put them on the website. Since my mother and mother-in-law were also members of WCGS, I have newsletters that they had as well as my own (as well as some others that I have somehow accumulated) putting this project in the realm of my sorting/throwing/keeping/donating mantra.

After studying the number of newsletters that I had in my possession, many of them being duplicates, I concluded that if I kept a complete set of paper copies and scanned/posted all of the newsletters to the website, that I could discard all of the other copies. That’s not quite the way it worked out because I found three more large notebooks with still another set, which I have decided to donate somewhere, I just have to determine the best home for them. At any rate, not only did I have the duplicate copies from other people, I had also kept extra copies of newsletters while I was editor, so when the tossing started, I nearly filled our recycle bin with WCGS newsletters.

Since then, I have found three previously unknown newsletters from the early days of the society amongst my many boxes of stuff. That was an unexpected surprise.

As I continue going through boxes, it’s so nice to already know that the individual duplicate copies of more current newsletters that I find can go directly to a recycle bin. I don’t have to make a decision.

It took me nearly two days to scan and post the newsletters to the website, but what a feeling of accomplishment when the project was completed. Then, there was the added benefit: I had opened up some filing cabinet space and book shelf space!

Win, win! I have gotten rid of a lot of paper, opened up storage space, and all the members of our society have access to all of the past newsletters!