Marieta's Retirement Ramblings

I Learned Even More


Still another learning opportunity! The Iowa Genealogical Society’s 2013 Spring Technology Workshop – today!

I came home all excited… but, I like technology, so my enthusiasm shouldn’t be too surprising!

“The Ins and Outs of GEDCOM Files”
“All About Scanners”
“Publishing with”

These were the four conference sessions and I can truly say that I learned several things in each session. I often feel that IF I learn one thing in an entire day, the day has been worthwhile!

I didn’t know anything about GEDCOMs before going today; now I can use them. Previously, I’ve gotten my feet wet in the other three topics; in fact, in scanning and publishing I’ve been knee deep! But, I was ready to expand on my knowledge in those areas and all three hit me with just what I needed.

In addition, the food was delicious and I talked with friends and renewed some other acquaintances.

It was a good day!