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Another type of cleaning/sorting project – a kitchen cupboard


How many containers of cumin do I really need? I have four!

With that discovery, it was time to clean out the spice shelf in my kitchen. I brought all of the herbs and spices down from the cupboard. Then, while I finished preparing lunch, Dave started lining everything up in alpha order on the kitchen eating bar. We continued to work as we ate our lunch. After lining up what we had, we started checking the expiration dates. Oh, my, many were so old they didn’t have dates! We placed a wastebasket between our bar stools and began the weeding.

After the spices were done and organized back on their shelf, we continued with other items in the cupboard, i.e., the boxes of jello, bottles of food coloring, squares of unsweetened chocolate, hardened bags of marshmallows, and so on.

Soon, misson accomplished! We now only have three containers of cumin on the shelf. More importantly, all remaining spices and other dry food products are fresh and arranged so I can find them. I will be less likely to purchase something that I already have in the cupboard. AND, the cupboard is clean!

How many new recipes can I find that use cumin?