Marieta's Retirement Ramblings

New life for old flower pots


Eight years ago we purchased several large terra cotta colored plastic flower pots to decorate our backyard for Randall and Megann’s wedding gift opening brunch. Since then I’ve used some pots nearly every year; some have seriously faded, some have cracked. This year I decided to attempt new life for ones in relatively good shape.

At first I thought I’d spray paint them, but for some reason the paint I purchased wouldn’t spray correctly. We returned that paint to the store. Then, we decided that I would try to brush paint them. I purchased one quart of high gloss exterior paint, the same color as the trim on our garage, for less than $15. I painted as many pots as one quart would cover. That turned out to be 5 large pots and 3 smaller ones.

These pots should last at least a couple more years! Less than $15.