Marieta's Retirement Ramblings

Clearing Out Periodicals


I’m on a cleaning roll! Focus: genealogy and history periodicals! A bunch are going to leave this house!

Duplicate copies… out of here!

If I can find it at Dunn Library, Simpson College (only 4 blocks from our house), out of here!

Genealogy periodicals… donating to the Iowa Genealogical Society (IGS)! If I need to look at it later, I can go there!

Nearly everything pertaining to our local genealogy society can be scanned. I’ve scanned some things and tossed; I’ve scanned other items and prepared originals to give to our current president.

Hopefully, just by addressing periodicals, I will make more than dents in the quantity of stuff in my genealogy room; serious holes would be good, craters best!

Net result: hole the size of our car trunk which was filled to capacity as we hauled them away.